Leatherhead is a town in Surrey, home to around 11,500 residents. it lies on the right bank of the River Mole, and at the edge of the greater London area. Relics found suggest Leatherhead has been populated since Anglo Saxon times.

This picturesque town is surrounded by greenery, with a prime position at the gateway to the Surrey Hills where the stunning chalk hills of the North Downs join with the Thames lowlands.

The River Mole is just a few minutes from the centre of Leatherhead, affording peace and relaxation after a busy week of commuting. The riverside path is popular among dog walkers, joggers, and cyclists, as well as home to some of Surrey’s amazing wildlife.

There are a multitude of hidden gems within and around Leatherhead with plenty of buildings of historical, cultural, or architectural interest. These include the Denbies Wine EstateClaremont Landscape Garden and Brookland’s Museum.

Housing In Leatherford

Like most towns in Surrey, house prices in Leatherhead are high, with an average property price of £552,864, The majority of homes that changed hands during the last 12 months were detached houses, which sell for an average of £829,475 at the time of writing. A far cheaper option than moving to gain more space is to convert a Leatherhead attic into one or more extra rooms.

Fabulous Location

Located around 18 miles from central London, the train journey into Waterloo Station takes just over 40 minutes, making Leatherhead a desirable location for commuters. The town is 40 miles from Brighton on the south coast, so residents can also enjoy day trips to the seaside without too long a journey to get there. It’s also only 15 miles from Garwick and Heathrow airports, so foreign travel is right on the doorstep.

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